Vocational Program

Gryphen Specialty Products and Services employs adults with developmental disabilities ages 18 to 65. Work performed by these adults pertains to the development, assembly, marketing and distribution of various products and services developed by GSPS and/or contracted services by external companies (e.g. horticultural, hospitality, retail and recreation services). These employees will be involved in all aspects of product related operations as well as the decision making process relating to the operations. Finally, and most importantly, employees with developmental disabilities will work side-by-side with their neuro-typical peers and co-workers doing identical work and sharing the same responsibilities. GSPS utilizes supported employment as a strategy for assisting persons with disabilities to obtain and maintain employment through the provision of ongoing support. We offer our consumers opportunities to work in the community for real wages and build relationships with non-disabled coworkers. GSPS believes that supported employment involves competitive work in an integrated work setting for persons with moderate to severe disabilities for whom competitive employment has not traditionally occurred. Additionally, because of their disability, some individuals need more intensive support services or extended services to perform such work. The key features of supported employment are: • Real work: Work that would be performed by someone without a disability. • Real wages: Wages commensurate to wages paid to for comparable work performed by someone without a disability. • Integrated work environments: Most co-workers are people without disabilities who work in close proximity and regularly interact with employees with disabilities.. • On-going support: Supported employment assumes that people with developmental disabilities will need support over time, even if that support is provided by a co-worker. Gryphen Specialty Products and Services currently owns and operates three Vocational Programs in Arizona. Our programs are located in Tempe, Chandler, Coolidge and Casa Grande. For more information or to enroll in one of our Vocational Programs, please contact David Lewis at (480)820-7800 or by email at davidlewis@gryphensps.com

Meaningful Day Program

Gryphen Specialty Products and Services offers our consumers individualized instruction within this program that supports each person’s definition of a meaningful day. The intent is to improve the lives of our consumers and to teach new skills through a variety of mediums and activities. The most crucial aspect of our Meaningful Day program is the use of a person–centered approach, and thus active participation from the consumer must always be the focus. The program day is organized with functional and meaningful activities chosen by the individual that relate to his or her goals, objectives, interests and skills. Throughout each day we hope to instill a variety of skills including communicating with others, making personal choices, eating independently, personal hygiene, domestic skills, developing hobbies and interests, etc. In addition, many entertainment and social activities are incorporated. This includes a variety of games and sports, exercise time, gardening activities, arts and crafts, table games, music and singing time, and many others. GSPS believes that providing this instruction to its consumers will allow them to increase their quality of life as self-determined individuals. Another very important aspect of the Meaningful Day program is the integration of community service projects. This part of the program not only teaches, but more importantly provides an avenue for our consumers to participate in community activism and service with their neuro-typical peers. These activities take place both at GSPS facilities and community/public locales. Most recently we have volunteered with Free Arts Arizona, Hands on Greater Phoenix, and the Maricopa Animal Care and Control. Programs are based on one of the following models: a. Full-day Meaningful Day Program or b. our unique integration of: i. Meaningful Day Program ii. Vocational Program Gryphen Specialty Products and Services currently owns and operates four Meaningful Day Programs in Arizona. Our programs are located in Tempe, Chandler, Coolidge and Casa Grande. For more information or to enroll in one of our Meaningful Day Programs, please contact David Lewis at 480-820-7800 or by email at davidlewis@gryphensps.com




HCBS Program

Gryphen Specialty Products and Services is contracted through the State of Arizona to provide Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) to individuals with intellectual disabilities. We are currently accepting new consumers in the Phoenix metropolitan areas, Coolidge and Casa Grande and would be happy to help with finding the appropriate provider match for you or your family member.

While we can find a provider and make a proper match for you, it is and always should be the family’s choice of who provides their services. Therefore, Gryphen Specialty Products and Services encourages all of our families to ask friends, neighbors, and family members if they would be interested in being a paid provider to deliver services. If you have questions about who can be a paid provider, please contact us and we will be glad to answer any questions you have.

Current services provided include:

Attendant Care (ANC/AFC)
This service provides a qualified attendant to assist a consumer to attain or maintain safe and sanitary living conditions and/or maintain personal cleanliness and activities of daily living. The goal of this service is to assist the consumer to remain in his/her home or participate in community activities.

Habilitation (HAH)
This service provides a variety of interventions such as special developmental skills, behavior intervention and sensorimotor development, designed to maximize the functioning of consumers. The goals of this service are to:

a) Enable individuals to acquire knowledge and skills.
b) Increase or maintain self-sufficiency of eligible individuals.
c) Provide training in essential activities required to meet personal and physical needs.
d) Maintain the health and safety of eligible individuals.
e) Provide services in a manner that supports and enhances independence, self-esteem, mutual respect, value and dignity.

Respite (RSP)
This service provides short-term care to relieve caregivers. Individuals who are cared for by respite providers must be eligible for supports and services through the Division. Respite Providers may be required to be available on a 24-hour basis. Respite services are intended to temporarily relieve unpaid caregivers. Respite services are not intended as a permanent solution for placement or care. The number of hours authorized for respite must be used for respite services and cannot be transferred to another service.

For more information on our Home and Community Based Services or to enroll in our program, please contact Todd Lewis at (480) 820-7800 or by email at tlewis@gryphensps.com