First Aid, CPR, AED

Gryphen provides First AID, CPR and AED training in one 6 hour class through the Health and Safety Institute. MEDIC FIRST AID® BasicPlus is a combined adult CPR, AED, and first aid training program designed specifically for the occupational first aid provider. This extremely flexible program will help employers meet OSHA and other federal and state regulatory requirements for training employees how to respond and care for medical emergencies at work. The program is based upon the 2010 International Consensus on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) Science with Treatment Recommendations (CoSTR) and other evidence-based treatment recommendations.


Cost: $45.00

Course Length: 6 hours


Article IX

Article 9 is the law that passed in 1988 to address both individual rights and the use of behavioral methods within the Developmental Disabilities Division (DDD) Service.  This training will make sure that individuals working with these clients are certified. Each class certifies a person with DDD for Article 9 Training for 3 years.

Core class topics


Cost: $25.00

Course Length: 4 hours



Prevention and Support

This course is a full day of training focusing on building a positive relationship with the individuals we support. The focus of this course to give positive alternatives to assist when a challenging behavior arises and prevent a behavioral emergency. We will learn how to identify when a situation becomes a behavioral emergency. We will also learn the emergency physical intervention techniques if someone you support is in the middle of a behavioral emergency. Each class certifies a person with DDD for Prevention and Support Training for 3 years.

***Portions of the class are physically demanding. Please wear comfortable clothing.***

Core class topics


Cost: $45.00

Course Length: 8 hours



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